The Book

retail-simplifiedRealizing that there are just not any good books to teach people the fundamentals of retailing, Marty decided to write one. “At the global level, retailing seems quite simple. You rent a building, outfit the building with fixtures and computer equipment, buy merchandise, put the merchandise on the fixtures, hire employees, unlock the front door and turn on the lights. How difficult can that be?”

What Marty has learned is that for many people, this is very difficult. It’s not that the process is hard, but the day to day execution with average retail store employees is very difficult. Most retailers seem to get so caught up in operating their business that they forget why they are in business – which is to serve people, both your customers and your employees.

In the book, Marty will cover such topics as:

Leadership: The five key practices of leadership that exist at every level in the organization.

Brand: Your brand is your talent, just as the brand of a sports team is its talent.

Customer Service: The new level and definition of customer service is really the customer experience. Marty dives into levels of who buys and why they buy, and why there may be a comeback of the mom and pop stores in the future.

The Speaker

Marty has built quite a reputation as a very dynamic speaker.

Marty speaks from experience, having run several large companies. His experience includes taking a company into bankruptcy and out in record time; hostile and friendly acquisitions; aggressive and successful growth cycles using
both internal and acquisition tactics; transitioning a company from founder-entrepreneurial management to a professional management team; growing a regional chain to a national chain (30 stores to over 300 stores) in 18 months.

He leaves his audience with actionable thoughts as well as a ‘to do’ list to start to improve their own leadership skills. Changing the company culture into a winning culture and how to accomplish this is his passion, and is a key component of his speeches.

If you’re interested in having Marty speak at your next convention or meeting, contact him directly by email.


Become a connoisseur of talent. First item on your meeting agenda each week should be people.

Your brand is your talent. Leaders love talent and revel in the talent of others.

In an age of value added, through imagination, creativity and intellectual capital, the leader’s job is one of recruitment, development and retention of awesome talent.

Two groups will decide the success of your business; the employee culture and the customer culture. There is nothing else.

Leaders are people who live their own deepest values without compromise and use those values to make life better for others. That is why people become leaders and why they follow leaders.

One of the most dangerous myths of corporate strategies is that they must be planned well to be successful. They have to be implemented well to be successful.

People don’t trust companies, they trust people.

Anything that motivates a human being also motivates them when they’re an employee.